Wednesday, 19 November 2008

General Comments


Hey People,

As requested, a space for general comments about my blog to be made!

Please click on "comments" below in order to give opinions/advice/ideas, etc on Discover Musselburgh,

Thanks for visiting my site! Please give feedback!

Carole x :o)



Anonymous said...

Hi Carole

Thanks for the information on Musselburgh. It has been most helpful.

Anna from France

Anonymous said...

hello carole,
i have been interested in visiting musselburgh for some time, you have given a very good description of what musselburgh has to offer, i will have to go there soon.


Anonymous said...

wow what a place! i'd love to write a longer comment but i've got a number musselburgh bound number 15 to catch!

great blog

David Gill

Anonymous said...

i think the excitement of going to the mussel got the better of me.. that's meant to be musselburgh bound, not number musselburgh bound.hope i don't miss my bus! so much to see and so little time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carole,
This website is very Helpful. I am not from Scotland but am moving across there in a couple months and this site has provided me with a lot of useful information.

Hannah from Canada

Lisa said...

This is a brilliant website, loads of really useful information. I will definitely be visiting Musselburgh after reading this blog.

Thanks Carole, you are great.

Lisa, from Sweden

Anonymous said...

i haven't been to Musselburgh for years but can't wait to go back now....nice blog.

Andrew Michael Mclaurin Rowley

-- Carole -- said...

Thanks for all your feeback guys!

Nice to know people from around the world are viewing my blog!

Let me know if you have any specific questions and i'll try to help out.

Carole x

Ads said...

I didnt realise Musselburgh had so much to offer. I will be taking a trip there soon. Your blog is really helpful and provides alot of usefull links and information. I cant wait to go there and discover Musselburgh for myself!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole,
I noticed you have stopped posting stuff. You should keep this blog going with daytrips etc. It's great for people new to the area & maybe try to get local businesses to submit stuff to add to your blog like photos etc? Free advertising!

Anonymous said...

Also, would be great if you could create a section about groups to join for people new to town!