Saturday, 18 October 2008

Taxi Companies


Musselburgh has plenty of taxi companies to choose from and you’ll probably find them slightly cheaper than Edinburgh-based companies. Below are a list of handy numbers to keep saved in your mobile.


5222 Taxis: 0131 665 5222

Airlink: 0131 665 0313 (Airlink's Website

Burgh Taxis: 0131 665 3366

Cabs 4 U: 0131 665 1112

Call A Cab: 0131 665 2000

Classic Car Hire: 0131 653 6417 (Probably not for a drunken lift home from town!)

Dash Taxis: 0131 665 4000 (Their slogan is: "We'll Drive you to Drink!")

Eskside Taxis: 0131 665 1992

J.T Taxis: 0131 665 6565

Jordons of Musselburgh: 0131 665 4455

Mac Taxis Ltd: 0131 653 2802

Taxi & Hutch: 0131 665 5600

Ten-Ten Taxis: 0131 665 1010

The Mini Bus Co: 0131 654 0022

Toun Taxis: 0131 665 0077

Twenty Twenty Taxis: 0131 665 2020


Have you used any of these taxi companies? Click on "comments" under this post and tell everyone about your experiences!



gininteacups said...

A very informative page,however it could be expanded to contain information on sports and leasure facilitys.Also evening entertainment if any.Good layout,easy to navigate,over all a helpfull page perfect for students at QMU and non locals alike.

Anonymous said...

i think this is a great page for information, i think you could add information about any entertainment values, as you have obviously added the everyday needs and requirements of students but they also like to be entertained in some way of form.

Boyd said...

yeah i agree, good work sky..some info on things to do in your spare time if you're a student would be good. Any leisure facilities, sports clubs...and some recommended pubs, cos apparently us students enjoy a lemonade or 10! possibly some bus info for getting around, into edin etc? keep up the good work x

mcmanus said...

yeah i agree with the comments before - more about student lifestyle perhaps... best bars to go to - which is cheapest. maybe day out stuff. perhaps about the races or something? it looks really good tho - realy good layout and easy to find what ur looking for. good work Buckle!!

Anonymous said...

This page is a very good student guide for their essential everyday needs. The layout of the page is well organised, very eye catching and easy to use. However i think you could add some information on local restuarants e.g. S.Lucas, and pubs etc so students know what there is to do in their spare time in Musselburgh. Other than that it is a very good page.

-- Carole -- said...

Thanks for all your comments guys!!

I will work on pubs, leisure, cafes, restraunts, etc.


Leeees said...

Your page is really good. Top class info and easy to take in. I agree with everyone else, more social stuff - pubs, entertainment and so on. But you're onto a winner Carbuckle! x

Anonymous said...

I like the layout - it's easy to pan down and find what you're looking for and the information contained is easily digested. Perhaps expand the detail of the left side of the page graphically as its pretty bare with red font but that is a minor point. Looks good :)

Jane said...

A really good page chicky. Like the layout and colours and u've got a lot of information! If i'm being picky i don't really like times new roman on web pages and agree with everyone else bout entertainment, esp pubs. Maybe with an option for other people to rate the pubs in musselburgh (or a link to the edinburgh pub guide)? And there is maybe a little too much text if you have the option to hide some of it and can expand into it if someone wants to look at it? But good page chicky :)

Lou said...

I have already left another comment. I now feel it would be useful for you to have a comment section where all the general ones are together as was unsure where to leave my comment. Hope i'm being helpful. Lou

Shain said...

A very useful page with good layout. Possibly could do with a bit of history on Musselburgh itself and rather than have all the info on the main page have it on links from the main page. All in all a useful page with most of the info anyone living in or visiting musselburgh may need.

Lauren said...

I think this page is great, lots of useful and helpful information for people who are not from the area, agree with the comments regarding information on clubs and entertainment, apart from that it's fab and easy to read.